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– Writings and memories of Pawan-Shivbani “Pawan Proeo Sagal”, published on the first death anniversary 22 April 2013.

– Sarang continues to publish Mohinder Singh Rattan’s “gurbani-teeka”, and three more volumes have been published.



A thought provoking and inspiring article “Apna Mool Pachhan”

by SARANG Director, Dr. Rama Rattan, on the International Women’s Day 8 March 2010 (from: Punjabi Tribune, 7 March 2010)




One of the important ongoing activities of SARANG is the publication of books.

A quick overview of the publications by SARANG and by SARANG-team can be seen in its Picasa album by clicking on this link)


On the occasion of the birth centenary of Gyani Mohinder Singh Rattan (19 Dec 2009), SARANG brought out the following two publications:


“Rattan Kothri Khuli Anoopa” – a historical and validated biography of “Rattan Family”, by N.S. Rattan, tracing the period of 5 centuries and earlier.


A special souvenir containing short articles by friends and family of Gyani Mohinder Singh Rattan, sharing their memories and paying tribute.


Presently, the most significant undertaking by SARANG is the publication of a monumental work in up to 15 volumes of the series titled:


by Gyani Mohinder Singh Rattan

(Gurbani Sabad Surti is a commentary (Teeka) in Punjabi (Gurmukhi script), with a short essence-summary of each Sabad in English)





Five volumes of GURBANI SABAD SURATI have been published so far (until December 2009).


2006; Volume 1: Raga SARANG 2007; Volume 2: Raga SORATH 2008; Volume 3: Raga DHANASARI, JAITSRI, TODI, BAIRARI, 2008


Volume 4: Raga TILANG, SOOHI 2009; Volume 5: Raga BILAWAL, GOUND, 2009




Another project supported by SARANG is the publication of the book titled “Baba Kithey Gaye?” (in Punjabi-Gurmukhi) and “Where’s Baba Gone?” (in English), by biogerontologist Dr. Suresh Rattan.


Baba Kithey Gaye?  or   Where’s Baba Gone? by Dr. Sursh Rattan

children’s story-based book on life, ageing and death (in Punjabi and English ; Published in India; 1997, 1999, 2002, 2009);

Fantastic drawings in these Baba books can be seen on the Picasa Album by clicking here; Indian drawings are by the artist Rahi Mohinder Singh, and Polish drawings are by the artist Anna Ladcka.

BabaPolishBook_optThis book is also now published in Polish in 2009 (Dokad Odchodzisz? translated by Monika Kowaleczko-Szumowska) as an EU-supported project on Science and Humanities, (ACUME2). The book is also being translated in Romanian (to be published in 2010), Italian, Greek, French and Spanish languages.



More publications by SARANG


A set of three books for and/or by children with Rama Rattan

NehruBook2_opt Paintings of Chacha Nehru by a young artist Amit Trehan

BalSahitRama_opt by Dr. Rama Rattan, based on her Ph.D. thesis

BatalviBookBSR_opt by Dr. B.S. Rattan, based on his Ph.D. thesis on Shiv Batalvi

NanNiNaniBSR_opt Poems for / about children by Dr. B.S. Rattan

SupneyanUdeariBook_opt Punjabi version of Danish stories by Hans Christian Andersen, translated by Savita and Kumar, and Anita and Suresh Rattan